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CoolArt2021 Website


Marcus Mason-Williams | Mike Mason-Williams




Lead Web Designer

Project type

Website Wireframe Development | Website Production and Development

Before Marcus Mason-Williams became a name within charity circles, he was the work-experience mentee of Gary Twine, during his tenure at KPMG UK (Founder and Director of 575 Studios). Marcus thrived within Gary's mentorship. So much so that once this work-experience finished, Marcus along with the help of his father Mike Mason-Williams, looked at starting a business, with Marcus as the founder.

As a friend and now founder of CoolArt2021 Ltd , Marcus became a client of 575 Studios and the help of his long-time mentor, produced a website, which helped jumpstart Marcus' rise into celebrity. We at 575 Studios are incredibly proud of Marcus and all of his achievements this decade so far. We can't wait to see what else he can accomplish!

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